Queering the Past

If you've had the experience of coming out yet, you'll know it's not something you're going to forget any time soon. Very often, you can think of your life as "before you came out" and "after you came out". That is assuming of course you have felt the need to. But a friend shared a really amazing TED Talk with me today specifically about how present day queerness is informed by your past, and how trying to divide yourself into the "before/after" split only denies you a full sense of self. 

In her TEDTalk, Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile discusses how she felt a sense of division between her current queer life and her upbringing in rural Botswana, until she recently came to realise the two were deeply intertwined. Very often, we attempt to deny the life "before" because we feel we were never fully comfortable there and it kept us from being who we truly were. But we would not be here without that past. It informs everything we do, so denying it does keep us at a distance from self-recognition. 

Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile explains better than I ever could, so give the video below a watch and hopefully it'll prove as insightful for you!

- Martin

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